State concern “Turkmengaz”

State concern “Turkmengaz” is the largest industrial complex of Turkmenistan. Its main activity is the development, production of natural gas and gas condensate from the deposit in Turkmenistan, its preparation and processing, as well as transportation of natural gas to consumers within the country and for export. Structural subdivisions of the concern are drilling enterprises, gas producing enterprises, a gas transmission association, an association for providing natural gas to the population of Turkmenistan, a subdivision for conducting geophysical work, as well as auxiliary subdivisions for automation of telemechanics and technological communication. The concern’s subdivisions operate more than 30 large gas-condensate deposits in Turkmenistan, such as “Dovletabat”, “Shatlyk”, “Malay”, “Kerpichli”, “Garashsyzlygyn 10 ylylygy”, “Gazlydepe”, “Bagadzha”, “Garabil”, “Gurrukbil” , a group of storerooms in the Central Karakum desert, including the largest deposit, “Galkynysh”.

Along with increasing the volume of natural gas production and expanding the pipeline network, State Concern “Turkmengaz” began the development of the gas-chemical industry in the country to ensure deeper and more complex processing of natural gas.