A quadripartite expert meeting on the «Caspian Sea – Black Sea» ITC project was launched in Ashgabat

In Ashgabat, a quadripartite expert meeting on the international transport corridor project «Caspian Sea – Black Sea» (ITC-CSBS) began its work, with the participation of high representatives from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania and Turkmenistan, as well as the EU Contact Office.

During their welcoming speech, the speakers noted the great economic potential of the participating countries, as well as the role of transport cooperation among the priority areas on the multilateral agenda.

In the course of the meetings, the participants discussed the role and importance of the ITC-CSBS in the development of inter-continental partnership. A review of the existing transport infrastructures of the participating countries and the possibilities for their expansion took place as well. The meeting participants also discussed the issues of national transport legislation in four countries, as well as the possibility of developing and implementing at the national level regulatory legal acts conducive to the creation of the ITC-CSBS.

The quadripartite expert meeting on the «Caspian Sea – Black Sea» international transport corridor project will continue its work on October 25th in the format of sessions on the development of a set of measures to create the necessary conditions for the organization of a transport corridor. At the end, it is planned to adopt a joint Protocol on the quadripartite meeting on the ITC-CSBS project.